What primary services do you offer?

Selling cleaning solvents for leather aficionados, providing aroma therapy for gays (or straight people who have finally caught on) and selling rubber-like donuts for your junk.

What do you specialize in?

Selling to the industrious cleaning people of the world along with the horny, needy, or thirsty.

FREE Shipping? Really?!

Yes, it’s FREE. Zero. But we don’t do overnight or 2nd day air. Items are shipped in a plain envelope with the bottles bubble wrapped inside. We don’t put stickers on the package stating, “Popper Whore Delivery” no matter how true it might be.

Yes!  Shipping and processing for every order is $12.95 (just like all the other douche bag popper sites).  We give you a discount of $12.95 on every order.  Can you figure it out yet Einstein?

How fast do you ship the stuff?

Usually the same day you order unless it’s a Sunday or there is a national holiday.  We want to get it in your hands quickly so you can use it and then order from us again.  And yes, we do hope the trick you invited over spills the entire bottle while in your bed.  What did you expect from a Grindr or Sniffies hook-up!

Case Studies: We Care for you!

Case Study A

Stock photo of guy looking at his laptop and thinking to himself, “I wish I knew where I could get some poppers. I really like the leather cleaning abilities since I would never use a solvent without wearing gloves and applying the liquid with a cotton ball.  Plus, I’m horny as fuck!” He then finds The Popper Hut.

Case Study B

Stock photo of guy getting a text message that says, “I got some poppers from The Popper Hut. I’ve cleaned all of the leather surfaces with these amazing solvents and I’ve made sure to never smell them.  Did I mention I can now take your huge cock and go for hours!?”