Don’t Be Stupid

Hey! Read this…

Don’t do stupid stuff with nail polish removers, paint, glue, cinnamon, solvents, poppers, cocaine, or bleach. Don’t try to light that stuff on fire; it will burn you up and will most likely kill you.

Don’t inhale, huff, or abuse ANY PRODUCT SOLD ON THIS SITE. If you huff, inhale, or abuse the products we sell, you might just kill yourself just like if you poured gasoline on yourself and lit the gas on fire.

California says this stuff can cause cancer and cancer can kill you. Being dead isn’t pretty and everyone at your funeral will gossip about you doing stupid stuff.

Don’t try to buy this stuff if you are under 18 years of age.

Don’t be a douche and force others to smell this stuff. It’s illegal.

Don’t buy or inappropriately use aromas, cleaners, solvents, cocaine, heroine, or poppers. If you have a heart condition and abuse those things, you will most likely die and everyone at your funeral will say, “what a dumb ass!”

If you have an uncontrollable desire or addiction to smell, inhale, huff, inject, and snort things like glue, poppers, solvents, nail polish remover, tape head cleaners, household cleaners, paint thinner, spray paint, heroine, or cocaine and you just can’t stop yourself, get some help. Everyone knows your issues, but they don’t want to have an intervention with your addicted ass.  Your mom, dad, step-dad (the third one), and Gammy will show up at your intervention and it will truly suck.  But death will suck more, so use the links provided if you need help with any addiction.  Gambling addiction too!

Yeah, that’s about it.

Click this link below if you are having addiction issues and want help.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline